BLT / $7.95
North Country Bacon, lettuce & tomato on toasted sourdough bread with house mayo.

California Chicken / $10.95
Misty Knoll spicy grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, North Country bacon and Deep River salt and pepper chips served on a striata roll with cream cheese-Bleu Cheese spread.

Serrano Ham, Apple and Manchego / $6.95
Serrano Ham, Apple & Manchego served on a croissant.

Smoked Turkey with Cheddar and Apple / $8.95
Smoked Turkey with Cheddar, honey crisp apple and arugula on a challah bun with house mayo.

Autumn Tuna / $8.95
Tuna salad with red onion, mayo, mustard, capers & cottage cheese served on a warmed pita with lettuce & tomato.

Italian / $10.95
Mortadella, hot capacolla, sopresanno, shredded provolone, banana pepper and lettuce on a demi-baguette with house Italian dressing.

Turkey Bacon Avocado / $9.95
McKenzie smoked turkey, North Country bacon, Cabot cheddar, lettuce, tomato & avocado on sliced sourdough with house sriracha mayo.

Ham, Swiss and Apple Panini / $9.95
French ham, Emmentaller Swiss cheese, honey crisp apple on a demi-baguette grilled on the panini press.

Spiced Grilled Cheese / $5.50
Mt Mansfield havarti & Cabot extra sharp cheddar on sourdough with parmesan cheese and everything spice grilled to the top of the sandwich.

Bacon and Apple Grilled Cheese / $8.95
North Country bacon, honey crisp apple, extra sharp Cabot cheddar and Wood’s Cider Jelly grilled on the panini press and topped with honey and fresh thyme.

Curried Chickpea Salad / $7.95
Curried chickpea salad on warmed pita with lettuce.

Turkey Reuben / $8.95
McKenzie smoked turkey, United saurkraut, swiss cheese, and house Thousand Island dressing prepared on the panini press.

Autumn Caprese / $8.95 ~ with Misty Knoll Grilled Chicken / $10.95
Vermont Fresh pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato & baby spinach on a demi-baguette grilled on the panini press.


Grab & Go salads are available in our cooler daily & additional salads will be available in our deli case from time to time

Beet and Goat cheese / $6.95
Romaine lettuce, roasted beets, Vermont Creamery chevre, and pistachios served with a mustard, maple and lemon dressing.

Spinach, Mozzarella and Tomato / $6.95
Baby spinach, fresh mozzarella and grape tomato salad with house maple balsamic dressing.


Ice Cream / Vanilla or Chocolate
Add a scoop to your root beer or your coffee for $1.50 or 2 scoops $2.50 or 4 scoops $3.50

Milkshakes / 16 oz. $5 / 20 oz $6

Raspberry Lime Rickey
Seltzer & sweetened raspberries on ice with a splash of lime / $3.00
Add scoop of raspberry Gelato / $4.25