Work at The Blue Sparrow!

The Blue Sparrow Kitchen is a new restaurant in downtown Norwich, Vermont. We are looking for a great group of people to join our team in various capacities: cooks, bakers, kitchen support, and service/baristas.

Besides the overall goal of serving delicious, satisfying and healthy food in a quick-service format to our customers, it is also most important that we assemble a team that is responsible, supportive of one another, and works together to be successful and meet our common goals while having fun!  We strive to have a healthy work environment that meets the life-work balance of each staff member.

Current Job Openings


Sandwich Maker/Food Prep 

At the Blue Sparrow Kitchen, we do our best to operate as a team. Each person fulfills their duties which benefit the group as a whole. We generally do not operate under a standard kitchen hierarchy. Rather, each person is equally valued and has a voice in how we operate. This means that communication is essential and that people are always respectful to one another. Ultimate decisions will be the owner’s and the management team, but input will always be solicited, as we do understand that our decisions do affect the whole.

Daily Operational Responsibilities

• Preparing items for our breakfast and lunch menu
• Contribute to menu development
• As able, support baking operations as needed
• Filling out a daily prep list and delegating specific prep tasks to other kitchen staff
• Ensuring daily prep is completed and par levels are met before and after each service
• Ensuring next day menu selections are prepped or cooked on a daily basis as able
• Food production to ensure that all product meets our standards
• Maintaining the organization, rotation, labeling, and dating of all refrigerated and dry storage food items
• Checking in and putting away deliveries as needed
• Looking ahead and forecasting menu needs with regards to pulling frozen product from freezer
• Maintaining a clean and sanitary work station
• Cleaning at the end of the day/shift

Daily Cleaning and Standards

• Responsible for upholding standards of cleanliness and organization on a daily basis
• Regular cleaning of kitchen equipment as needed
• Overseeing organization, rotation, labeling, dating of all refrigerated and dry storage food items as well as ensuring daily temperature logs are filled out.

Hours Generally, 20-35 hours per week or as agreed upon.


Café Service / Barista

A Day in the Life / Daily Duties: You will be the face of our business and one of the most critical aspects of our day to day operation. At BSK we feel the quality of the food is just as important as the quality of our customer service and we also understand the rewards and challenges of this position. Our service staff team will be busy doing it all…from taking orders to preparing coffee and espresso drinks, serving ice cream and milkshakes as well as assisting customers with prepared food items.

Common things you will do during your shift include:

• Welcoming customers
• Accurately and efficiently taking orders and settling purchases and sales transactions both in house, over the phone and online as necessary
• Prepare drip coffee, espresso drinks, milkshakes and ice cream and keeping areas stocked and clean
• Although there is a separate cheese merchandising and sales staff, it is important for all of the team to learn about and sample our cheese and charcuterie items as well as all of our prepared foods
• There are numerous procedures and policies to be learned including packaging for specific food items, food handling safety, sanitation issues, scaling/weighing procedures
• Serve and package items from the bakery case, deli case and as ordered, as well as assist with pre-packaging any grab & go items
• Maintain awareness of all menu items, retail items and daily specials
• Clean, organize and stock retail products, bakery items, deli items, refrigerated and frozen items, coffee and espresso, and packaging as necessary
• Clean, organize and stock the coffee self-service area
• Clean the dining room as needed
• Answer incoming calls and address customer questions and take orders as necessary
• Comply with our sanitation standards, safety, personal hygiene and health standards
• Perform opening activities such as stocking deli case, preparing coffee and service area
• Perform closing activities such as cleaning chairs and tables, cleaning floors and windows, preparing for morning shift.

Qualifications: Responsible, hard-working nature, great attitude, the ability to work well on a team, the ability to handle sometimes stressful situations, ability to identify and request help as needed, the ability to multi-task, a desire to learn about our menu items (and eat them too), and a desire to work with people. 1-2 years work experience in the food industry is helpful but not required.

Compensation & Perks: Opportunity to work in a fun yet challenging culture with an amazing team driven to succeed! Service staff that handle or serve alcohol must be 18+ years of age. In addition to your hourly rate, you will receive all of the cash tips and a portion of the credit card tips.