BSK Breakfast Sandwich / $3.95
Local egg & Cabot cheddar on an English muffin…Add another egg, sausage or bacon for $1.50 each

Spicy Raven / $6.45
Local egg, BSK chorizo sausage, swiss and pickled jalapenos on a buttered, toasted English muffin

Salsa & Egg Sandwich / $5.95
Local egg, Cabot cheddar, avocado, fresh house salsa on a buttered, toasted English muffin

Green Heron / $6.95
Multi-grain toast topped with Cabot cheddar & a local egg topped with organic spinach, tomato, avocado & a little Parmesan cheese

Serrano Ham, Egg & Manchego with Salsa Verde / $7.95
Serrano ham, Manchego, egg toasted on a croissant and topped with salsa verde (parsley, shallot, lemon zest, olive oil & salt)

BLT and Egg Sandwich / $8.95
2 slices of North Country bacon, lettuce, tomato and egg on toasted sourdough bread with your choice of house sriracha mayo or house mayo

Ham and Egg on a Biscuit / $6.95
French ham & a local egg on our own cheddar chive biscuit

Banana-Nutella French Toast Panini / $7.95
Challah french toast with organic bananas &
Nutella, grilled on the panini press


Arugula, Egg and Serrano Ham / $7.95
Organic baby arugula dressed with sherry viniagrette, serrano ham, manchego & a local egg served on a toasted english muffin – Not interested in bread? Ask us to turn this one into a salad!

Prganic Museli with Maple Peach Compote / $6.95
Our organic museli made with organic coconut milk, organic chia seeds, maple syrup, vanilla & lemon juice, served warm and topped with maple peach compote


• Sourdough, multi-grain, english muffin, BSK
• cheddar chive biscuit / 2.50, Bridor Bakery
• croissant / 2.00

• 2 slices North Country Applewood bacon / 1.50
• BSK house chorizo (spicy) / 2.00
• BSK maple sausage (pork & turkey) / 2.00
• BSK turkey sausage / 2.00
• French ham / 2.00

• Greens (organic spinach, organic arugala), tomato,
• red onion / 0.25
• Avocado / 1.25

• Cabot cheddar or swiss
• gruyere, mozzarella, havarti / 0.50
• Manchego / 1.00


Bagel with Cream Cheese / $2.50

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich / $3.95
Local egg & Cabot cheddar on a toasted bagel of your choice…Add another local egg, house sausage or bacon for $1.50

Bagel with Lox / $8.50
Toasted bagel of your choice with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, red onion, &

Bagel Flavors
We serve 2 kinds of bagels “NJ style” – a name we coined – a traditional big and bready bagel:
Asiago • Plain • Everything • Sesame
Myer’s Montreal Style Bagels – wood fired bagels made in Burlington, VT (as available):
Montreal Spice • Plain • Everything • Sesame • Sesame Sunflower • Whole Wheat • Poppy • Cinnamon Raisin

BSK Cream Cheese Flavors
Plain • Veggies • Herb • Chive & Onion • Olive


We also have an assortment of fresh baked items each day!

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All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Learn more.